What’s New and Next?

As January comes to a close, I realize that so many things have happened, or are happening but I have done a piss-poor job at telling anyone about it. So, here’s a less piss-poor list of upcoming and current shenanigans.

Seattle Repertory Writers Group 2014-2016

Starting this past fall, I began a two-year residency with Seattle Repertory Theatre. They are paying me a small stipend to meet with the group of other writers every other week to work on a single full length play per year. This will culminate in a reading in June of the play that I’ve been working on. And then the process will start again in the fall of 2015. I’m joining 2013-2015 residency playwrights Holly Arsenault, Arlitia Jones, Lisa Halpern, Brendan Healey, and Bryan Willis with my fellow 2014-2016 residency playwrights Karen Hartman and Josh Beerman.

I’m currently working on this year’s full-length and while I don’t have many details to share, I will say that it’s an odd play involving a puppet creator and Japanese translator.

Stay tuned for the dates of the reading in June.

Smut at Spin the Bottle February 6 at 11pm 

Catherine Blake Smith has asked me to write dirty, delicious smut for Spin the Bottle at Annex Theatre in February. I couldn’t be more stimulated by this. I have never written smut, much less read dirty things publicly.

Here’s the full line-up:

Fun duo FUTURE FRIDAYS playing some tunes!
The tempting tokes of the BEARSTONED BEARS!
A snippet of PANEL JUMPER!
Three tastes of Radial Theatre Project’s LOCALLY GROWN featuring YANA KESALA! AMONTAINE AURORE! & KEIRA MCDONALD!
Alluring audial amorousness from L’ORCHESTRE D’INCROYABLE!
A preview of Annex Theatre’s NATURAL!
The long-overdue debut of smut by COURTNEY MEAKER!

All kept together well by the incomparable TERRI WEAGANT

14/48 Projects Young Guns Veteran Playwright February 20 & 21st at Cornish Playhouse

For the third time I will be entering into the terrifying endeavor that is 14/48 The Worlds Quickest Theater Festival. I will be writing two, brand-new plays in 48 hours based on nightly drawn themes. These plays will be rehearsed, tech-ed, and produced the same day they are written. It’s a delight to be asked again. Come down and join the fun at the Playhouse. There are shows at 8pm and 10:30pm on both nights.

This 14/48 is especially wonderful since it happens to also fall on my birthday week. So your birthday present to me is coming out to see the show.

InfinityBox Theatre Project October 15-17 2015 at Ethnic Cultural Theater at University of Washington

David Mills and Catherine Kettrick approached me for their annual playwright-scientist mash-up. The subject this year is biotechnology and what it means to be human. I’ve been paired with biotechnologist (and physicist) Robert Carlson. I’m not sure what I’m going to write, but my reading list has gone up exponentially.

I have no idea what I’m going to write about, yet. But I can tell you that I’ve already had an incredibly interesting conversation with Robert Carlson and I’m stoked to take a stab at things.


Here’s my performance regrets in The Stranger, published at the start of this year.

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