Nothing But Days

In the not-so-distant future, the nation of Inner Wall expects its men and women to earn citizenship through marriage and childbearing. As an alternate pathway to citizenship, queer people are sent to serve on the border Wall to surveil the cities beyond. Caught between the famine, death, and violence they observe daily beyond the Wall and news of brewing rebellion inside their own capital city, the queer denizens of the Wall, or Qu’alls, must choose between continuing their service or joining the battle to earn their freedom. (Read Nothing But Days)


Workshop Production: University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA dir. Sarah Lacey Hamilton Oct 2017
Reading: University of Iowa Playwrights Workshop, Iowa City, IA Feb 2017

Cast: Clara Reynen, Aimee Townsend, Emma Bibb, Maddie Voss, Hannah Frame, Victoria McFadden, Sage Spiker, Vinnie Doud, Wolf Williams, Cristina Ranslem

Scenic Designer Merric Bower
Costume Designer Akeem Celestine
Lighting Designer Ellen Kane
Sound Designer Bri Atwood
Dramaturg Luke Daniel White
Stage Manager Alexis Hinman

Photo Credit: Eric Stone