Bell at the Back of Her Throat

Cass wakes up from a dream to find her hands are burnt having seen a vision of Greenville engulfed in flames. No one believes her, but smoke has started descending on the town. People are leaving, never to be heard from again. Meanwhile, the Director of Tourism is determined to keep tourists out of the town. Bell at the Back of Her Throat is an examination of patriarchy, witchcraft, and xenophobia through the Cassandra myth.

Workshop Production at University of Iowa, May 2019

Director – Bo Frazier

Dramaturg – Morgan Grambo

Scenic – Jacob Sikorski

Costumes – Akeem Celestine

Lighting – Kimberly Fain

Sound – Fatima Tall

Cast – Vinnie Dowd, Temyia Holcomb, Britny Horton, Nicole Gabrione, Liat Graf, Ash Pierce, Jivani Rodriguez, Erica Toney, Bries Vannon

Photo Credit: Eric Stone