Using the female dialogue and stage directions of the most-produced plays in America (reported by Theatre Communications Group in American Theatre Magazine 2015) as its inspiration and source material, That’swhatshesaid is a one woman show looking at what American Theatre has to say about women in their words. (Read That’swhatshesaid)

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Nominee: Stranger Genius Award Oct 2016
Production: Gay City Projects Theater, Seattle, WA dir. HATLO Feb 2016
Production: Open Eye Figure Theater, Minneapolis, MN dir. HATLO Aug 2015
Production: On the Boards, NW New Works, Seattle, WA dir. Katherine Karaus June 2014
Production: Risk/Reward Festival, Portland, OR dir. Katherine Karaus July 2014

dir. HATLO, performed by Erin Pike

Photo Credit: Daryle Connors