One Minute Play Festival, Schmee Gala, NWNW and more!

It’s been crazy pants town time (this is a combination of words that vaguely go together) at Meakerland. Here’s what’s coming up or down the pipeline. (What direction do pipelines go?)

One Minute Play Festival May 10 & 11

A little over a month ago, I received an email from Dominic D’Andrea about writing for the One Minute Play Festival. I wrote two, one- minute pieces for the festival. With a will be directed by Desdemona Chiang and In Line will be directed by Ali El-Gasseir. The festival will take place at ACT Theatre. The full list of playwrights and directors is here. It includes some of my favorite playwrights including Keiko Green, Stephanie Timm, Wayne Rawley, and Juliet Waller-Pruzan. Purchase your tickets here.  

seth and bach popcorn pretzelChaos Theory Through May 17

CHAOS THEORY, a play seeking order opened! Reviews are coming in and they’ve been highly positive so far. We still have four weeks to go so I’m anxious to hear other thoughts about the play. Getting to hear how people are making sense of the world is what truly excites me about this piece. Are Frannie, Bach, and Seth the same person? Is Mack/Josie real? It’s been great to hear audience reaction and theories about the sanity levels of the characters. Plus, it’s funny. Get your tickets at Annex Theatre.

Gala Schmala June 6 – 14

Doug Staley from Theater Schmeater contacted me to write a short piece for the upcoming gala, which will also be the first performance in the new space. The guidelines for the piece was incredibly effing broad – history of theatre/backstage feel. So I wrote a two-hander about Charlotte Cushman called Séance. The Gala will feature many of my favorite people including fellow playwright Keiko Green who’s currently playing Frannie in Chaos Theory (it’s all connected) and Raymond Williams who’s my marketing buddy with Macha Monkey Productions. Tickets on sale soon!

That’sWhatSheSaid at NWNW Festival June 13 – 15

It’s getting closer. Northwest New Works Festival produced by On the Boards is getting closer, and That’swhatshesaid is going to be an epic part of it. The final draft has been submitted. Erin Pike and Katherine Karaus are hard at work to make it honest and piercing. This piece is highly conflicting for me. It’s purposefully taking female characters out of context and putting them in the mouth of one female character in a way that was not intended by the playwrights. As a playwright, this would drive me nuts. However, it’s so interesting to hear what female are characters are saying in the 10 most produced plays, especially from this past year where the list was actually more diverse than it has been in years. I think this piece is going to be highly polarizing and, quite possibly, difficult to watch. (Spoiler: women were written to cry a lot and have quite a few random outbursts.) Tickets are going on sale soon.

After that? I don’t know. Hit me up.

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